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The SA Tasting Centre is your starting point to discover the very best of our 12 world class South Australian producer regions. Purchase from our fantastic selection of exclusive South Australian produce for delivery or immerse yourself deeper, take an adventure and book a tour via our booking platform. Join our tasting club, or let us represent you as an SA producer, or become an export partner and we’ll ship orders around the world. The SA Tasting Centre is taking South Australia and its quality producer regions products to the world.



To be the No. 1 South Australian destination for local, interstate and international visitors to sample and educate themselves on the very best of South Australia’s produce. Primarily represented by wine, beer, spirits and food producers. We also promote tours to the 12 producer regions around South Australia.


As we represent the best produce South Australia has to offer, we have a duty to provide excellent service with insight, honesty and professionalism.With so much produce to showcase, we believe that each and every customer is to be seen as a tourist. So how we behave and treat you is a reflection on the stateand not just the centre. First impressions are of the upmost importance.


Our mission is to successfully unite local producers behind a common cause; promoting South Australian produce to the world, and in doing so increasing tourism to South Australia.


Our goal is to be seen around the world as the premier location to discover, sample and purchase amazing South Australian produce.We aim to be seen as a champion of the producers cause by providing them with the best platform in the state to showcase their produce to the world.We expect to have the full support of producers, regional and city councils, and both state and federal governments.


  • First and foremost, our objective is to increase the sale of South Australian produce within the centre and around the world.
  • To increase tourism in South Australia and successfully educate visitors to purchase and enjoy more South Australian produce.
  • We will be the primary destination for local producers to showcase their products in South Australia.
  • Promote South Australians to “Eat Local”
  • Provide a centralised location from which to organise tours to producer regions and individual businesses


Shaun Le Cornu


Shaun Le Cornu is a born and bred, passionate and proud South Australian, with an unwavering desire to do business. This desire comes from something that has been etched into his very DNA going back over 6 generations.

Peter Holden

Chief Operations Manger

Is a highly regarded hospitality executive with a proven record in corporate revitalisation, change management and cultural leadership. Peter has held long term roles in corporate hospitality as well as owner operation of a portfolio of well known Adelaide venues.


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