2016 Hastwell and Lightfoot Cabernet Franc 750ml

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Sold in cartons of 12

Cabernet Franc is a real food wine that matches so enjoyably with Mediterranean dishes like spaghetti carbonara or veal saltimbocca. In France it often accompanies warm toasted walnuts, pears and blue cheese.

14% Alcohol

Cabernet Franc is a variety you hear very little about, but it really has a lot to say. It has been grown in Australia for over 100 years, but used primarily to fill out the middle palate of that other Cabernet. We planted a small patch of Cabernet Franc in 1988 from which we pick some wonderful stylish fruit.
For far too long the variety has stayed beneath the wine lover’s radar and as this wine shows, it is time that stopped. Its depth of flavour, elegance and delightful velvet tannins will give you an experience worth taking note.


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Fleurieu Peninsula


Cabernet Franc




Hastwell and Lightfoot


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