2017 Hastwell and Lightfoot Garnacha 750ml

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Garnacha is part of our Mediterranean collection.
We started the planting in 2000 and now have 6 varieties with their origins in Italy or Spain. They are varieties well-suited to the growing conditions of McLaren Vale and deliver the bright fruit flavours of the Southern European climate.
This is a such a drinkable wine; soft palate, low acidity, delightful flavours of strawberries, raspberries, some black cherries and touch a cinnamon.
Slow cooked roast pork or rabbit in a dark wine sauce, also a curry in the Rogan Josh style would all go very well.

When the English established their colony in South Africa they planted grape varieties that they were familiar with for the production of table wines, as a result mostly French varieties were planted. This pattern was then set and emulated in South Australia, with cuttings acquired in Europe and Capetown on the way to Australia. This foundation set the scene well into the future, and it is only relatively recently that Italian and Iberian Peninsula
varieties have found their feet in Australia.
H&L have been championing these emerging varieties including Montepulciano, Tempranillo, Fiano, Garnacha, Vermentino and Barbera since 2000. As “Grapegrowers have looked at the relative latitudes of where these varieties grow best and questioned why we are not growing these wines which are eminently more compatible with our region. H&L believe that wine drinkers have missed out on these fabulous varieties that are arguably more suitable to our climate, especially here in McLaren Vale.”





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Fleurieu Peninsula


Hastwell and Lightfoot


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