Side Roads Wattleseed Coffee Box of 10 Sachets

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A unique Australian flavour in the form of a custom roasted coffee blended with wild harvested Wattleseed.

The seeds have been wild harvested from Acacia victoriae trees in the South Australian Flinders Ranges, which are then roasted and ground in Adelaide. Wattleseed has a chocolate, hazelnut, earthy flavour and is quite addictive!

Brew as you would a tea bag and enjoy with or without milk (a hint of milk brings out the natural sweetness).

The coffee is roasted by local South Australian artisan roasters in small batches and by collaborating with them to select the perfect roast level and grind, we ensure that the optimal flavour is extracted from our gentle methods of brewing. Our intention is not to change or try and better their coffee, but rather to share their product in a slightly different way.

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